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Henüz beta aşamasında olan ücretsiz bir Hyper-V yedekleme aracı, denemenizi tavsiye ederim.

Project Description

The main goal of this project is to provide a very easy and powerful free tool to backup and restore
Hyper-V virtual machines, in standalone and clustered (CSV) environments, overcoming all the limitations that a generic tool like Diskshadow provides.

This tool targets Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 8 /
Windows Server 2012 (starting from the currently available beta). All the corresponding
core and free Hyper-V editions are also supported!

HVBackup supports app consistent and crash consistent backups through the Hyper V VSS writer component integrated in the operating system.

There are quite a few expensive commercial solutions on the market
supporting this scenario, but this is the first open source one, based
on the research we did before publishing the project.

We integrated this tool in our datacenter’s production environment
management infrastructure, which means that it undergoes continuous
testing in a real world environment 🙂

HVBackup can be invoked from the command line, scripted with
or integrated in any .Net program through it’s class library.

The backup process generates a separate zip file for each virtual
machine in the specified output directory, containing all the files
owned by the VM and identified for backup by the VSS Hyper-V provider.


.Net Framework 3.5, which can be easily enabled on the command line with:

ocsetup NetFx3

or on server core / Hyper-V server:

ocsetup NetFx3-ServerCore

Alessandro Pilotti




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